Our Exclusive Advertisements

Short Video and Image Ads

15 Secs 30 Secs 60 Secs Category Short video ads for Facebook and Instagram. Be it professional designed Social Media graphical post or Video made by WexaByte, they are stunning.

Animated and GIFs Ads

WE create animated posts, GIFs and awesome visual content required to make your brand unique and awesome throughout the web platforms.

High Social Engagement Ads

These are basically a collection of researched ads that had built amazing engagements. WE look at previous Ad-sets of Companies and perform required action for your niche.

FB/IG Story Ads

Now a days due to less audience retention rate and high competition, FB and IG Story ads are perfect for industries where you can cut the expense on Post ads by performing Story ads which leads to conversion in no time.

In-Stream Ads

In-Stream video ads is designed to grasp your customer's attention as quickly as possible.These are shown in between the video which is popular and people tend to watch full videos of their interested pages like bored panda, daily mail etc.

Google Ads

Google PPC ad-campaigns are no less effective when it comes to highly searched keywords. Placing your website on the top of search results with related and high Search Volume Keywords can bring in Business quickly.


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