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Video Production Unit

There are a lot more component that go into a good video production service than people realize. We also provide services to distribute your video.

Music Production Unit

The purpose at WE is to help you understand the process of making music, so we can produce tracks that meet a standard of quality by which we call “good music”, despite of style.


Having a video will help advance your business quicker than some other media.Having a photograph for your business is an unquestionable requirement.

Authentic Video Production to achieve more

It is the process of creating video contents but with images inserted digitally rather than filming.

It is one of the vital element of film or video development. Some of our video post production services includes video editing, animation, color correction and visual effects. 

There are a lot more component that go into a good video production service than people realize. We also provide services to distribute your video, such as uploading it online or broadcasting it in social media platforms.

  • Animation
  • Video Editing
  • VFX
  • Music Video

Services provided by WexaByte


Animation is the technique of use of pictures to make a moving image. Normally the effect of animation is produced by a fast series of sequential images that slightly differ from each other. With animation, your images take on a whole new level. 

You can make your characters, tell short stories or create product tours. Animation is more popular than many people know. Aside from small films, feature films, animated GIFs and other media assigned to the presentation of moving images, animation is also massively done for video games, special effects, and motion graphics. Animation is also common in information technology platform.

Video Editing

It is the editing section of motion pictures, films, short videos in the post-production process. If you are looking for a video editor then you’ve been to the right place. Our team here at WE love to take your footage and turn it into something amazing you will want to share. 

WE is a chosen companion for both tiny and large businesses, filmmakers, as well as individuals. Contact us for custom pricing of your unique requirements.


WE VFX informs manufacturers with the Cinema 4D work process for making VFX and incorporating them into a shot. WE provide you key ideas, for example, how to follow and include a shot utilizing the Motion Tracker—that are vital to seeing precisely how this 3D application capacity.
WE are driven by energy: for what we do, we do it for the general population we work nearby. We want to make the modern custom effects, through specialty, innovation, and craftsmanship.


WE give you a music video that is a short film or video that is used to run with a touch of music. WE additionally give Music chronicles which are primarily used to feature and propel the closeout of music accounts, regardless, a couple of gatherings may make one for essentially inventive purposes.

We make Music Videos, Electronic Press Kits, Behind the Scenes, Documentaries, and Event Filming, all at a moderate cost. What makes a difference most is you and your character. Would it be that will enable your music to emerge from the group and allow you to sparkle? That is truly what we’re about. 

Watch our portfolio and get a flavor for what you can expect in your music video generation.

Create great Music with our experts

Music producer deals with the music recording and making of a band or entertainer's music, which may differ from recording one tune to a long idea collection.

Music production simply is the process of making music. The more you work with music the more comfortable you become. 

The producer may play out every one of the jobs themselves, or help select the experts, and give proposals to the specialist. The producer may likewise pay session musicians and designs to guarantee that the whole venture is finished inside the record name’s financial plan.

Our team provides very unique and one of the best music designing services. With skilled and experienced professional at WE, we make music people love to listen to. 

The purpose at WE is to help you understand the process of making music, so we can produce tracks that meet a standard of quality by which we call “good music”, despite of style.

  • Sound Design
  • Sound Arrangement
  • Beat making
  • Mixing and Mastering
Music Production in Nepal

Services provided by WexaByte

Sound Design

Sound design is the art and method of producing soundtracks for different kind of needs. It includes defining, acquiring or creating hearing elements using audio production methods and tools. 

WE design music used in a variety of systems including filmmaking, television production, video game, theatre, sound recording, live performance, sound art, post-production e.t.c.

Sound design generally includes performing and editing of previously created or recorded audio, such as sound effects and dialogue for the purposes of the communication.  

Beat Making

The “beat maker” is literally composes a full piece of music. Sometimes, they take other pieces of music that already exist and “manipulate” them do sampling of it. All of this is done generally on a computer.

Making beats is awesome and addicting skill. There are so many ways to express yourself through your music. Our beat making experts work on providing you music that audience will love to listen. 

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering are considered two main components of music production, so they are very important when you record music that you plan to sell. Our mixing and mastering team provides you with the result you want to achieve. 

WE uses advanced software and tools to make your music more popular among the audience.

One of the best Photography and Videography services

As a Premium Photography and Video generation organization, WE truly need to film and photo with the style, exertion and aesthetic inventiveness they merit.

Having a video will help advance your business quicker than some other media. In the event that you require a video for your business as web or TV promotions we provide you one of the best services.

Our team also can help to make a music video or have your big day flawlessly taped, altered and shading evaluated, or even conveyed as a story. 

Having a photograph for your business is an unquestionable requirement.

WE can deliver a photography profile for you and make wonder still photographs for your business.

  • Create great videos to advertise your product
  • Short video ads
  • Cinemagraph
  • Eye catching photographs for your betterment
photography and videography in Nepal Wexabyte


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