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Trendy Designs

Trendy design can likewise be for any reason, regardless of whether business, instructive, social, educational, medical, creative, films and many more.


Be it Content SEO, Image SEO or Video SEO our proven tactics and our highly effective team are expert in SEO turning people into happy customers.

Digital Art

WE offer a full flexible arrangement where we deal with your whole advertising technique, laser targeting through to planning extraordinary adverts.

Corporate Identity Package

All things considered, corporate identity and branding are the two ideas of marketing and it's extremely hard to separate between the two since they're interconnected.

Canvas and Framed Wall Art

Whether you own a restaurant, office or holding a space where you need a framed art on your wall, it can be a picture, sketch art or typographic quotes.

High-Quality Apparel Prints

Wear your own style. Our custom designs high quality vector illustrations for apparels will set you apart from the crowd. WE design Apparels.

Get dynamic and custom Trendy designs for your business

Graphic design is the art and study of arrangement and projecting opinions and experiences with visual and content.

The structure WE provide can be physical or virtual and can include pictures, words, or graphics. The experience can happen in a moment or over a long period of time.

The work we do can occur at any scale, from the design of an individual postage stamp to a national postal signage structure.

Trendy designs can be expected for few individuals, for example, a coincidental or limited version book or show design, or can be seen by millions, as with the interlinked advanced and physical substance of a worldwide news association. 

Trendy design can likewise be for any reason, regardless of whether business, instructive, social, or political.

  • Awesome graphics
  • Fully custom
  • Graphic design trends
  • Flat and 3D designs
graphic design in Nepal

One of the best Illustration services at your fingertips

An illustration is a design, idea or visual display of a text, concept or process. In the art career, illustration has at times been viewed of less value than fine art.

Now, however, it gained importance due to the growth of graphic novel and video game businesses. 

People have started using illustration in magazines and other books, it is now converting into a valuable art form, able of joining a global market.

WE create designs for combination in print media, such as banners, pamphlets, books, teaching materials, T-shirt designing, apparels illustration design.  

Depending on the design, an illustration may be expressive, stylised, genuine or extremely professional.

  • Promotional Illustration
  • Technical Illustration
  • Satirical Illustration
  • Pictograms and Infographics
Digital art in Nepal illustration

Create custom Digital Art with WE

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that utilizes digital innovation as part of the imaginative or introduction process.

Digital Arts tends to the requirements of those inside the digital media advertising by giving important and groundbreaking content, and by reliably running more selective surveys and highlights than some other site in the market. 

Digital Arts consistently carries great substance, giving its expert readership the most recent news and audits first. 

Digital Arts prides itself on giving fair-minded item driven data and expert counsel, overall stages and teaches.

Digital Arts utilizes broad in-house lab offices for item examines, creating top-class audits and dependable lab tests.

  • Digital painting
  • Vector drawing
  • Integrated digital art
  • Digital photography
Digital art Wexabyte

Level up your Branding with our Corporate Package

All things considered, corporate identity and branding are the two ideas of marketing and it's extremely hard to separate between the two since they're interconnected. Many individuals imagine that is a similar thing.

What is corporate identity? All things considered, corporate identity is about the, generally speaking, look and feel of a business. It’s an inside factor it’s about how the general picture of the business is in the eyes and outlooks of these partners, similar to clients financial specialists or providers.

Every one of the partners for the most part firms partners their corporate identity with the branding of their items or administrations utilizing trademarks like logos, motto or pictures.

For instance, in case you’re going to see a red white and blue circle you know the image of Pepsi. You assume alright this is Pepsi! It has its own corporate identity. As a rule, the corporate identity of a business is one of a kind it’s differentiable from those of comparative organizations. It centers around the item and might imagine what their vision in general is.
WE provide you with an awesome packages.

  • Fast and Effective
  • High Quality Design
  • Fully Customizable
  • High Quality Print
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Services provided by WexaByte

Brochure and Booklets

In Corporate identity package brochures and booklets are an official means of promotion and marketing. They are small books which lay around in offices, and waiting rooms. Sometimes they include a yearly report of the firm or market the portfolio of a professional. Brochures also can be included in CDs or DVDs; however, they are distributed without cost.

In each case, booklets serve marketing goals and since they are short they need to look engaging and also be informative to focus user’s attraction and effectively carry the message.

WexaByte offers you with brochure designers and brochure creator who can handle your brochure work. We understand your design demands very well. We have experience in preparing a variety of booklet designs. Work with us to get a customized design solution for your brochure and booklet.

Banners and Promotional Flyers

What services does your company provide, website design, software development, production, or others? Promotional flyers and banners may just be the greatest way to offer potential customers to your goods and services.

This is a reasonable way to share information and present you with lots of space to carry your message. Using banners and flyers to market your business is an excellent way to get your marketing material to the target audience.Our experienced team offers you a very customized and informative design for your banners and flyers.


Business Card and Logo Design

Our graphic designers offer professional business cards and logo design service. Business cards contain information about you or your company. Business cards are used for support during formal meetings.

They normally include the name of the person or firm and the contacts. Nowadays, they may also include social media details. Our team provides customized business card designs for your company.

An attractive logo is very important for any business and we completely understand that. Logo either makes or breaks the impression of the company.

We provide pleasing logo designs for your business. We will help you to set yourself in this competitive world through our extraordinary logo design services


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