Digital Marketing Services And SEO In Nepal

Email Marketing And Design

WE provide a perfect email strategy implied for independent company firms to advance their organizations in the most innovative way. WE turn ordinary mail to a beautiful design.

Search Engine Optimization

Be it Content SEO, Image SEO or Video SEO our proven tactics and our highly effective team are expert in SEO turning people into happy customers.

Social Media Marketing

WE offer a full flexible arrangement where we deal with your whole advertising technique, laser targeting through to planning extraordinary adverts.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a generally used term in modern marketing techniques. People often get confused in between SEO and SEM. WE provide you the power to leverage the SEM.

Lead Generation and ORM

Lead generation is the method of bringing and turning strangers and views into someone who has shown interest in your company’s goods or service.

Growth Hacking and Leverage

WE support Growth Hacking Marketing as a technique and procedure to rise rapidly utilizing smart and practical marketing strategies.

Build your database for better email marketing strategy in Nepal

Email marketing, when done accurately, plays a significant part in complete online marketing, brand promoting, announcing projects, and products advertising.

It is a perfect strategy implied for independent company firms to advance their organizations in the most innovative way. WE give proper yet the best email marketing in Nepal.

Advertisers agree that email is vital to business, particularly for ROI(Return on investment) and growing strong beneficial connections. A customized, divided and focused on email marketing effort is critical for brand awareness and drives changes.

Email Marketing is gaining much popularity compared to past and also can be very important factor to be considered while doing SEO in Nepal.

Our specialists here at WexaByte use tools, procedure, method, and result following so as to accomplish the most ideal brand commitment.

WE can also deal with your total email marketing procedure from format structure to navigating and detailing. Remember us for every kind of Email marketing services in Nepal.

  • Build your Database
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Impress your Customers
  • Dynamic Email
Email Marketing in Nepal


How often do we need to send email marketing?

A good strategy will be sending two emails a month and then weekly after some time. But If you have great content or various offers, then sending two to three emails would be convenient. 

Why should I use email marketing?
It plays a vital role in keeping the clients informed. Email marketing isn’t done just because its easy for marketers or they can do it. The strategy can be very effective at helping business houses and the customer gets connected.

What is Email fatigue?
Email fatigue is a situation that happens when consumers get bored of getting an email. They begin to neglect emails, erase them, or even critical – they transfer your emails to their spam.

Is email marketing still effective?
Compared to a common marketing strategy, email marketing is very cost effective. You don’t have to spend for print, postage, or ad reservation, or any of the commonly related costs.

What is the purpose of email marketing?
Its main purpose is to send emails to enhance the relationship of a business owner with its current or previous clients. It also helps to increase client’s loyalty and repeat business.

Improve your search engine ranking by SEO In Nepal

SEO is an online marketing technique of completing different elements for higher positioning in the web indexes.

SEO simply is the process of optimizing your website or your content for it to rank higher in search engine results. Though it simply is a process, the process itself is not simple. It is not as easy as it is claimed by those SEO companies. It certainly takes time depending on what SEO techniques you use.

Now if you think why would it matter to you and your business just remember how you normally search for any information you need.
What would you do if you need to buy a new smartphone and you don’t know which is the new model to buy in Nepal?

What would you do if you need to find a perfect place for dinner?

Normally what people do is grab their smartphones or sit down in front of their computer and type a simple phrase into Google and start scrolling through results. 

The results you see are organized by Google according to how helpful the information based on the keyword you entered. But mostly websites ranking on top of the list aren’t there by accident, they used SEO to be there. SEO helps Google to thoroughly understand what your content is about. 

Condition of SEO in Nepal is improving day by day as many people are already engaging in digital marketing and SEO in the context of Nepal also. Almost every SEO agencies in Nepal claim to be the best and it is very difficult to choose one from them. We’ve also seen many people selling 100’s of backlinks, and what surprises me is people buy them. Its not that link building is not important but if your content has value it will automatically rank.  

We and our SEO experts in Wexabyte have nothing to do with becoming the best but we always make sure to provide quality service to our customers. Quality is a rare thing to find in the context of SEO services in Nepal, yet here we are working with happy clients and helping their businesses/brands get known for brand awareness.

As a total administration arranged Search Engine optimization organization, WE gives a total presentation of expert SEO strategies to get your online business to the main page of significant internet searcher utilizing just solid, future confirmation, white hat SEO in Nepal. Learn how to use Google keyword planner for finding the best keyword for your niche.

SEO in Nepal
  • Keyword research and development
  • Content optimization
  • Focus Keyword selection
  • Top ranking in search engines

Link Building

Backlinks is proved to bring the most traffic in your website. Our team assures you best backlink from sites having high DA, PA through content marketing, pre-outreach and many more.

Monthly SEO Task

Our monthly SEO task includes 2-3 SEO articles per week. We provide you fully optimized articles including focus keywords as per your niche to target the right audience.

On Page SEO

Our on page services offers you one of the best service in Nepal. Researching Keyword, targeting the right audience, internal linkings, readiability improvement, content quality improvement e.t.c.


What is SEO in marketing?
SEO is a marketing method concentrated on increasing clarity in organic search engine outcomes. SEO possesses both the professional and creative components required to develop rankings.

How does SEO work?
There is nothing very difficult about it. Basically, it is a measured, repeated method that is used to forward signals to search engines that your pages are deserving to be shown in Google’s index.

What is basic SEO?
In the usual basic, “SEO” means searching for ways to improve your site’s appearance in top search engine results.

Is SEO still important?
Of course, yes. SEO is every second as important as it always has. But there have been a lot of advances lately that can be a real advantage to people in all industries using SEO in Nepal.


Grow your Brand Awareness using social media

Social media marketing has become very popular in Nepal with the increase in its user, and you can benefit from it.

What’s more, social media marketing has a few target types and promotion positions. That enables you to make advertisements proposed for a particular activity i.e drive footstep to a neighborhood store or create online transformations.

With 900+ million dynamic users worldwide and 4.1 + million of the users from Nepal – Facebook is likewise the most well known social networking sites on the planet.

Get your Social Media platforms managed by one of the best digital marketing and SEO agency in Nepal. With the help of our SMM experts in Nepal, you can get the best out of social media. Social Media Marketing in Nepal can be beneficial specially for E-commerce business but every business can take advantage of it. 

Our featured service provide around 15-20 custom made graphics posts per month and optimized ad campaigns and many more. Also for more engagement and reach our experts can help you with anything related to SMM in Nepal. We even provide social media video ads as per your requests.


  • Includes Promotional Activities on every platform
  • WE target with Behaviour, Interests including demographics
  • Monthly Reports of SMM Performance
  • Extraordinary Graphics, Media and Contents
Socia Media Marketing in Nepal

Social Media Design

Consumers are overwhelmed by Facebook Posts, Twitter Tweets, and messages on their PCs and mobile phones. But users only add seconds seeing these messages, but awesome social media graphics are important in building brand attention and awareness and attracting in the customer's thought.

Page Management

Managing content, using correct format of media while uploading, researching keywords and hashtags so you appear on search is crucial, simply having people Like your page isn't sufficient to give yourself a long term, feasible business. WE provide inbound strategy to grow your page with engaging posts and media.

Content Marketing

Most vital point to remember while creating your content showcasing procedure is to be consistent. Your identity online is the sort of person you are as a business. The content turns into your voice as an organization, and your image is formed by how effectively you advertise that brand to your customers.


What does a social marketer do?
Social media marketing simply refers to the strategy, skills, and practices to bring social change. It aims to change behaviors that benefit people and also alliances for broader social welfare.

How would you describe social marketing?
Social media marketing (SMM) relates to methods that target social media and applications to increase brand awareness or promote individual products.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?
SMM is cost effective compared to other marketing technique. It provides better customer satisfaction and also helps to improve brand loyalty. It also includes improved search engine ranking.

How can social media help a business?
Business owners can take benefit of the low-cost marketing features allowed by social networks to improve your content and specific offers. Most social media marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

Which social media is best for marketing?
Each social media has its own marketing strategy and methods of doing things. But with the growing audiences, Facebook and Instagram have been the most popular platforms

Leverage the Power of SEM service at WE

Search Engine Marketing is a paid type generally used term in modern marketing techniques. People often get confused in between SEO and SEM.

Being two different terms they work together closely as a team. SEM is the process of ranking your website in search engine results by the paid method. 

SEO can take so much time and sometimes it can take up to a year. But Search Engine Marketing, on the other hand, ranks your page on the first-page results as per your keywords. 

It helps to bring customers to your doorsteps fast and reliably. It helps grow the revenue of small businesses very fast and with so much fewer efforts. 

Our Search Engine Marketing experts are at your service to provide you one of the best services in Nepal and rank your websites in search engine outcomes in no time.

  • Increase your page ranking instantly
  • Paid search advertising
  • Let audience reach to you when needed
  • Get ahead of the competition using SEM
SEM in Nepal

Trends in Lead Generation Growth Strategy

Most of the marketing experts recommend that lead generation is the most important component in the marketing area.

Yet, just a few entrepreneurs have dynamic designs in lead generation. And to say it actually, leads are potential clients who are interested in your items and services.

To catch these leads, we execute many marketing strategies that will make the client agree to accept something on the web by finishing a structure, reaching the business particularly, or directly walking into the store.

WE power inbound marketing programs that produce qualified leads and even support deals openings. And also perform checking and supporting frameworks to guarantee that our customers can scale up their promotion and deals works intelligently.

We trust that our central mission is to create and conduct focused cost efficient demand pipeline support. Our customers bear declaration to our duty to this mission.

  • Outbound and Inbound Marketing strategy
  • Marketing through Social Media
  • Research and analyze databases
  • Create and optimize informative content
Lead Generation in Nepal


How do you generate leads?
In a market, if you produce more leads, but have a normal product – you however win. Because leads involve more funds. And that means more profit (most of the time).

What is the process of lead generation?
Lead generation is the method of bringing and also turning strangers and views into someone who has shown interest in your company’s goods or service

What is a lead generation in Digital Marketing?
Lead generation is the process of capturing interest in a good or service for the purpose of improvement in sales. Lead generation often uses digital channels and has built some new online and social techniques.

How do lead generation companies work?
There are companies that concentrate on producing qualified leads to business houses. The company promotes connections with various websites in which they promote your goods or service.

What is a lead conversion?
It is the process of converting existing leads into account, contact or an opportunity. Leads are generated normally from marketing events or mailing campaign.

Rapidly Grow Your Audience With Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the reason we get the chance to see a couple of new companies every year with totally insane development rates.

Growth hacking is a popular word for new businesses. It practically bothers the individuals who have been researching it most of the time, and it’s confusing for the individuals who don’t have the idea what it is.

Growth hacking is a procedure of quick research over advertising channels and then item improvement to recognize the most productive approaches to grow a business.

WE support Growth Hacking Marketing as a technique and also a procedure to rise rapidly utilizing smart and practical marketing strategies.

It mixes creativeness, scientific reasoning, designing, and information examination to accomplish any business and marketing goals.

Our group here at WE make a network of Growth Hackers or hopeful Growth programmers.

  • Grow Your Business Ranking Quickly
  • Social Media Hack
  • Testing And Optimization
  • Google Analytics
Growth Hacking in Nepal


What is growth hacking in the digital market?
Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking are naturally connected. The shared reasoning behind both is an importance on experimentation, creation, and analysis in order to achieve goals.

What is a growth hacker job?
Growth hackers normally do full-time in an office context. Particular responsibilities for growth hackers are different according to the industry. Growth hackers might use various digital marketing strategies to advance and improve an organization’s customer base.

What is a growth specialist?
Growth specialists are the individuals responsible for the overall growth contribution throughout the business and sales activities. They are qualified for adjusting methods and strategies to optimize sales industries in order to drive interest.

What is growth position?
Position Growth simply refers to the improvement of the rank in top search engines outcomes. It is the cycle of addition, activation, and maintenance of users or clients


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