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SEO Techniques

White Hat VS Black Hat SEO Techniques

The only difference between these two is their working methods. Well, the black hat suggests that somebody is going to do bad things and white hat suggest that somebody is going to do good things.

Let’s start with black hat SEO, they are generally SEO experts who focus on search engine rather than audiences choice. They use different methods like word stuffing, adding invisible texts or links and many more.

Black hat use unethical methods and break the rule of SEO. They believe in rule-breaking SEO techniques of the internet which obviously means risk, your site can also be banned.

Black hat look forward to fast revenue than a long term vision. Here are some black hat techniques used today.

Black Hat SEO Methods

  • Paid link: This is one of the most used methods. People buy backlinks to get ranked in google index. They pay others to make links for them to get ranked in top search engine results. Some people even pay others to get their link included in their websites.
  • Cloaking: As by its name it means that providing search engines with wrong information. In this method they trick google index to get ranked i.e. they provide different information to search engines and other to the user. This is very deceptive, users can get irrelevant result most of the time.
  • Key stuffing: This was one of the most used black hat SEO techniques, though it is no longer applicable. In this method, they overuse the same keyword very much to increase its visibility.

On the other hand, white hat SEO are people use all the ethical SEO techniques. They mainly focus on what the audience seeks. White hat SEO do keyword research, add relevant backlinks, unlike black hat. 

They believe in organically growing the ranking of your site no matters how long it takes. White hat SEO mainly focuses on the use of a keyword, uniqueness of the content, grammar errors and write the contents which are relevant to your niche. 

So here are the best why have strategies that will boost your rankings while you wear the white hat and which one you can avoid.

White Hat SEO Methods

Why not to use Black Hat SEO techniques?

The black hat uses strategies that are bad for your site well they are good for a second but if you are caught and you will be sooner or later then you will just get burnt. 

So it means that you are gonna be deleted from the Google index. A few strategies they use are keyword stuffing, which means that you put a lot of the same keywords in your website and you just pump them everywhere. 

You can and you know well might be useful for your site but not for the user and you might improve your ranking just for a moment because soon you could get caught and your website might get banned. 

So do not wear the black hat because you’re gonna be banned and you shouldn’t buy the links, you shouldn’t exchange the links and you know when you don’t do it so often then maybe nothing will bad happen.


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