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Google Keyword Planner

How to find keyword using keyword planner?

Creating Google AdWord account

To use keyword planner for keyword research you will first need an Adwords account, which is very simple to create.

As shown above, you will need to enter your email address and website if available. As you verify your Gmail account, your google ads account is ready.

You will then see a window like this:

Click on tools and then on keyword planner. Now you are ready to go.

Keyword Planner is a very powerful tool which can not only help you to research keyword ideas but also provides different information about the keywords. 

If you do the best keyword research for your business and keep it accordingly in your content it can be of great benifit.

Keyword Research using AdWord

You will be asked to enter word, phrase or url related to your business. Let us suppose our business is related music production. You search for music and sound editing. I recommend you to use your own word/phrase.

Let’s jump into the result page where you will be given ideas and information about the related keywords.

They provide you with a number of keyword. With relevant keyword, you can also see the average monthly searches of each keyword.

Don’t get confused about the competition field, it’s not the competition on search engine result but google ads. You can also see top page bid in both low ranges and in high.

In order to shorten the list, you can add more filters with the search. You can add the location of your business, languages you want your keywords in and search networks also.

As you can see, there are options for many different filters. You can exclude keywords that have already added in your account, you can add top page bid amounts, you can also add words keyword text must contain.

The competition filter has three options and refers to google ads rather than the search engine, so it’s better to leave it as it is.

I also suggest you to exclude seasonal keywords if found. You can add the keywords to your account and check the average click, impressions, cost it can take and many more if you choose the keyword.

I hope you all understood the basic concept for choosing the right keyword for your niche.

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