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Facebook ad Policy and Google Algorithm Updates

Facebook Ad Policy

Facebook ad policy refer to the guidelines that help you to know what kind of ads you can post on Facebook. While creating an advertisement, we should keep some very important points in mind. We should create ads that match the community standards and fulfills all the mentioned policy. If your ad violates any of the Facebook advertisement policies, then it will not even be approved. Though, you can edit and re-submit your ads by improving the content e.t.c. If you are advertising something on Facebook you must have a piece of very good knowledge about Facebook ad policy. Ad policies are updated from time to time, with some benefits and limitations too. Ad policies update may be good for some businesses whereas it could be proved bad for some. Here are some terms you need to know before you post an ad on Facebook.

Approved Ads

Approved ads refer to those ads that Facebook choose to show to the audience you are trying to reach. There are many factors depending on whether or not to choose your ad to approve. First of all, your ads should match the community standards and not go against it in any way. You can’t even promote any kind of abuse or discrimination or your ad will be disapproved. Your landing page might also cause a problem if it is not relevant to the ad. Your landing page should be very organized, attractive and relating to the ad at the same time. Advertising illegal contents, arms, and ammunition, sexual contents, unsafe products e.t.c all are prohibited. Even your grammar makes a difference in whether approve your ad or not. After reviewing all this your ad is approved. Normally reviewing takes up to 24 hours and sometimes more.

Flagged Ads

Even after the approval of your ad, you might face some problems. Your ads can be flagged. So, What is a flagged ad? Flagged ads are those ads that were approved but reported abusive or spam by the audience. After the report, Facebook reviews your ad and checks whether or not the report is right. If it is true your ad gets flagged. You will not be able to the audience you targeted.

Low Quality Ads

Your ad should be completely transparent. Which means the audience should be able to understand the purpose and objective of the ad. If the ad doesn’t explain what it is about clearly, you will have less audience which is not good. Facebook is making an effort to remove all the low-quality ads and provide only the best one to the audience. Using great quality and relevant picture, describing your ad well, following every possible ad policy, e.t.c can decrease your rate of having low-quality ad.

Google Algorithms

Google algorithm refers to the system that after the search is initiated, finds the most relevant and best quality answers in less time possible. There is a number of Google algorithm updates for providing the user with the best answer. So, Google frequently updates its algorithm for best user experience.

Panda Update

Panda update was introduced first on February 04, 2011. This Google algorithm update was made to give the website a quality score which later determined the rank in SERP’s. It gives quality score depending on different factors like plagiarism, length of the content, keyword stuffing e.t.c. This update believes that you have to earn it to be ranked. Your content should be unique, keyword stuffing should be avoided.

Penguin Update

Penguin Update was first introduced on April 24, 2014. This Google algorithm update targeted links mainly. If your website contains any spammy or irrelevant link your chances are that you can’t rank high. It also abandoned the website with more manipulative links. As backlinks are a major factor for ranking in google result, it can also be the one to bring your page down. You should research and provide an only quality backlink. The anchor text also makes difference, links with over-optimized anchor text are also likely to rank low.

Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird update was introduced on August 22, 2013. This Google algorithm update helps Google to understand the queries searched by the user and provide the result that the user will be seeking. It helps you to rank even in those queries where your exact keyword is missing. It helps users by providing the most relevant results. All low-quality contents were ranked low after this update. As its intent is to provide with the most relatable and quality content. For you to rank higher you should do your keyword research very efficiently, and focus on the concept of the content, not just the keyword.

Pigeon Update

Pigeon Update is into practice since December 22, 2014. This Google algorithm update is mainly related to locations. This update effected businesses with no specific locations and info mainly. This algorithm tracks the location of the searcher and provides them with quality local results. Only after this update, there was a close connection between the local algorithm and the core algorithm. So after this update, listing your business in Google maps, providing accurate location and info can help you get a better chance of ranking.

Mobile Update

As the name suggests this algorithm checks whether or not your site is mobile friendly. This Google algorithm update was introduced on April 25, 2015. Since the use of smartphones has increased rapidly, Google introduces this algorithm update. The sites with the mobile version of the website and high mobile usability experiences were given more priority. When accessing Google from mobile phones googles only shows pages that are mobile friendly. To prevent your site from the effect of this update you should create a responsive page, check whether or not the website is running smoothly in mobile phones e.t.c.

RankBrain Update

Rankbrain Google algorithm update is a part of the Google Hummingbird algorithm. Which means it further helps Google to interpret the queries and show the relevant answers to the audience. According to Google, Rankbrain is the third most important factor affecting ranking. Though we don’t know exactly what Rankbrain consist of, it is related to relevance feature of the websites.

Fred Update

This Google algorithm update was one of the important updates of all time. Majority of sites were affected by the impact. The algorithm update was known to target low-value content. But it was a major update so it not only dealt with quality but the length of the content, user experience, mobile usability e.t.c. This update caused some websites to lose over 50-60% of their organic traffic. After this update, people started to care about the quality which was good for the audience.


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