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Digital Marketing In Nepal – Internet Marketing simplified

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all the marketing efforts made over the Internet or any electronic media. We all know marketing always has been about connecting with the audience at a place they prefer, which in present is the Internet. We can see the advancement of Digital Marketing in the context of Nepal from the last few years.

On the off chance, you think all IT organizations are digital marketing organizations, and at that point you are wrong.

Organizations that give website structure and improvement, Java, JQuery, programming, and PHP administrations don’t fall into digital marketing. Let’s get straight to the point what it is about.

Have you ever thought how a small business turns itself much bigger in no time? Well, its all thanks to internet marketing. The main objective of doing Internet Marketing should be to outrun everyone on the same niche and stand on the top with added values to your customer as well.
With the increasing use of the Internet, offline marketing doesn’t seem to be as effective as it used to be.

digital marketing in context of nepa, Wexabyte

You might sometimes see some small businesses/brands rank higher than many popular and big businesses in Google results. All that Google cares about is your online reputation, user experience on your websites and your content quality and frequency.

The prime benefit is that a targeted group of audiences can be communicated practically and cost-effectively. Other advantages combine to expand brand reliability and drive online sales using a sales funnel.

A site enables you to discover new markets and exchange all-inclusive for just a little expense. Digital marketing gives you a chance to connect with campaigns using various sorts of rich media content. If they connect your client database to your site, when somebody visits the site, you can welcome them with focused offers.

Why Digital Marketing has become more important?

Digital marketing is the place where we can market our business through marketing channels. With digital marketing, we can save our time and money compared to the traditional marketing forms. Email marketing, SEO, SMM, content marketing, online advertising, smartphone marketing are also some types of popular digital marketing channels.

It is a market strategy to connect with our customers so that the brand/business can increase their brand awareness, that is we can create awareness about our product or our service using internet.

 Internet marketing is the method by which we attract the customers to our website or to our app leading then to take decision based on inbound method.

And wexabyte can help your brand awareness, lead generation and business development with the help of digital marketing in context of Nepal. 

Below are some benefits of using digital marketing strategy for your business:

1. High Reach

As the competition increases in the market, it’s become more and more difficult to sell your products or promote your brands and that is the reason people choose internet marketing. Digital marketing helps in exposing and increasing the reach of the product or services to wide audiences.

2. Better Targeting

It is not sufficient if only reach is high but engagement is low. So to keep the ratio of engagement to the reach you have to target your customers in a certain way so that only the target costumers can see your ads and buy your products without getting irritated by interruptive ads everywhere.

It is very important for your business to be relevant. For example, if you have a apparel factory then you have to start your ads targeting to those who are likely to wear pants, joggers, t-shirts etc but if you do not target your customers correctly then the ratio of reach to engagement will be very different and you’ll spend money without getting right ROI.

3. Cost Effective

Digital Marketing campaigns can be really cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. With the same investment as traditional marketing you are sure to get more traffic in online marketing. You get your result according to your effort even small businesses can get more for their spend investment if they use a correct channeling strategy for digital marketing.

4. Better ROI

Let’s assume you have printed 100s of pamphlets and distributed everywhere. It will take more time to reach places by transport mediums, you have to hire a sales guy and even if the distribution process is the whole day long hardly 10% reach will be there. Now, how can you measure and analyze the people having your pamphlets are converting?

What is the ROI for the marketing materials you’ve printed and invested upon? The simple answer is you cannot even decide your ROI analytically. Using Digital marketing you can measure, analyze and decision making will be very simple. Not only you can measure and track people according to their interests and behaviors you can also create multiple sets of advertisements to see what actually works and converts well.

If you run a simple advertisement targeting people according to your interest and see that it is not performing well, you can easily switch between different other ad sets and create a campaign, pause a campaign and resume effortlessly. You can measure and adapt your campaigns for better ROI.

How it all started in Nepal?

As ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Nepal started giving the Internet a quicker speed at reasonable costs, they started to realize more use of internet marketing in Nepal. Before, people did not use to think a lot about the digitalization of their business, how to begin and grow a YouTube channel, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, and such and make use of them for their business. 

Somehow, now individuals have outfitted the intensity of the Internet and web-based life to develop organizations, helping people and creating awesome brands in Nepal.

The table has turned in the support of Internet marketing in Nepal. 

Digital marketing organizations and people have been developing in Nepal and putting forth a valiant effort.

Why Digital Marketing is Important in Context of Nepal?​

Digital Marketing has become very important for every business in Nepal. Here are some points to elaborate on the importance of Internet Marketing in Nepal :

  • People have started to search for almost everything online even in context Nepal. And through blog post, images, videos you can create an inbound marketing strategy to get customers online.
  • Most people own a mobile phone nowadays that has made it very easy to search for business online. It is important you get found on the internet.
  • Unlike traditional marketing, you can choose your targeted customers online, re-target them and re-market them easily.
  • You can have different advertising campaign online to reach more customers for brand awareness and online reputation management.
  • Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin can help you increase your organic traffic.
  • Only a few people have introduced their business online in the context of Nepal, so the competition is easy.
  • Digital Marketing is proved to be far more beneficial than traditional marketing techniques if done correctly and efficiently.
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Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Being a developing country, there is the scope of almost everything in Nepal, just if you do it right. You all might have encountered the increasing use of the Internet and the digitalization process in Nepal recently.

Not just for big business houses but it benefits small businesses too. You can also increase sales of services and products locally by geo-targeting to a certain group of people.

You can rapidly increase traffic on your sites by choosing the right strategy for digital marketing in context of Nepal. There is not much business that is known globally in Nepal, but with the right technique, you can promote your services/products globally too.

It not only benefits you but also promotes your services much more than traditional marketing techniques.

How to benefit from Social Media Marketing?

Social Networking platforms are also being popular with the increase in internet users. Many people do not know social media is considered one of the best methods to promote your business and give exposure. People can use different social media platforms for their products and services as per their requirements. Below are some popular social platforms used in Social Media Marketing in Nepal.

1. Facebook Marketing

Facebook being one of the most used social media sites, it is also considered one of the best platform for marketing. It is used to promote brands, businesses, products, services, and almost everything. You can increase your fan following on facebook by providing them with valuable content and use facebook boosting for more reach. Then you can convert the fans you made into leads using different types of marketing strategy.

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is a method that takes a business from Instagram outline creation through the development of their brand, products or services. First, a business would build a business-specific outline, and then post related content directed to their target customers, and boost engagement through effective call-to-actions (CTAs). This guides to greater brand recognition and sales.

3. Youtube Marketing

Youtube can be used as a marketing tool to increase awareness of your business through videos. It is a platform for saving and discovery of information in the form of videos, which links back to your website and eventually increases your website traffic. It is a visual platform that can be used by every business looking to utilize it to increase its traffic as well as brand visibility. Youtube is one of the best channel for your brand to get attention.

How can I get my business online?

Many people are trying to get their business online through digital marketing in Nepal. And the most effective way to introduce your business online is by having a website.

To own a website you will first need a perfect domain name and a host. Web designing is also being popular in Nepal because most people want their business online. They have realized the importance of digital marketing in context of Nepal. 

Having a website only is not enough. You will first need to build your authority online. Depending on what you do you can rank your business in a week, a month, a year or never. 

So you must be very sure of what you do. If Google receives bad signals from you, you will always be bad for Google. You will need to use different SEO techniques and find which fits you well.

Each digital marketing effort needs an arrangement, look into, group, system, and diligent work with the goal to sell your administration or item.

It likewise relies upon how well would you be able to design your marketing technique and work with it throughout the battle. 

Consistency is the way to accomplish the long term plan in Internet Marketing.

Career in Digital Marketing in Nepal

At last, we will be talking about the careers you can build after learning digital marketing in the context of Nepal. We already discussed digital marketing and the internet gaining popularity recently.

And you can build a great career out of it. If you know digital marketing, you firstly can build your career as Digital Marketer in Nepal.

You need not know the whole digital marketing process to build a career out of it. You can be expertise in any of the digital marketing components. Below are some popular digital marketing jobs people prefer:

1. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is the person who overlooks and manages an entire digital marketing process and will also need knowledge about each and every aspect of digital marketing. They are responsible for the implementation of digital marketing campaigns to promote any business or services. Digital Marketer also play an essential role in brand awareness.

2. SEO Expert

You can also have a career as an SEO expert. An SEO expert is responsible for all the optimization tasks. Their skills not only include webpage optimization, but they should also be well familiar with content SEO, video SEO, and also SEM(Search Engine Marketing).

3. Content Writer

As the name suggests content writer is a person who writes content for marketing campaigns. A content writer with knowledge about Search Engine Optimization may be a plus point, as he/she may need to write SEO content as per requirement. They should also know to research perfect keywords for their contents.

4. SMM Expert

Social Media has also become a great platform for doing internet marketing in Nepal. Many people still are unknown with the services Facebook provides for marketing. SMM experts manage all the social media platforms that the business or product uses. Their role is to manage every activity on social media, analyze them and use different strategies accordingly.

5. Email Marketer

Email marketing is the process of selling a product or promoting a brand via email. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to promote or sell any types of products. An Email marketer collects emails from different sources and send them promotional mails describing their products and the offer going into these products.

What Digital Marketing Services do we provide?

Wexabyte is a new emerging IT and multimedia company in Nepal. We offer you every type of Digital Marketing services.

Our services includes listing your site in Google Business to developing your website and rank it in Google search results using different SEO strategies.

Our team of professionals, here at Wexabyte have always helped businesses get known. Either you have your existing online business or want to do a brand new start online we can help you. 

We help you do keyword research using different tools to get accurate reports. Then we create a perfectly optimized content for your page to be indexed and ranked. We also provide you attractive custom graphic designs for the content for user experience enhancement.

According to your will we can help you rank both locally or globally. 

The higher your rank will be, the more traffic you get. And for doing SEO we consider, content is the king. As you provide more value to your content, you are more likely to rank in Google.

Get traffic more than you ever had, subscribe to our Digital Marketing Package. We have also been included in the list of the top digital marketing agencies in Nepal by sortlist. Get to know about our featured services.

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